Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Back Again!

Hello my wonderful readers, sorry I have been gone for so long, I have been building a website ;D
It's very poor, but I'm new to all this, and shall be investing in some sitspinner or dreamweaver softeware in a couple of months.

Teenagers in the UK are being qouted somewhere in the region of £2000 to £27000 for car insurance?
As if this makes sense. How many 18 year olds do you know that have £2000 a year disposable income? and thats the lower bracket!
On the bright side another 17,000 jobs have been created in the UK, maybe finally the recession is wearing off.
Two planes collided at JFK airport, "Oh no" you might say. Well that were taxiing, so there was no real damage at all.

A few days ago the wreckage of an Air France passenger plane that crashed in the atlantic from Rio de Janeiro to Paris was found after being missing for almost two years. Which I'm sure is nice, but at the same time a horrible reminder for the families. I will be back in a couple of hours to have a read through your blogs guys, and I'm back permanently now :) I promise.


  1. That is too bad about the car insurance, do you have a car yourself or not?

    Didnt know about the airfrance plane.. That must be really really tough on the families of the passengers:(

  2. Nah I don't have a car yet, it's just too expensive, after I finish Uni I will :)

    and yeah I know man :/

  3. website looks like it's coming along great!

  4. Yeah, i'd be riding a bike all day erry day if i lived in the UK

  5. It's probably because they know their parents will end up paying it. Welcome back!

  6. at least there will be some closure for the families.

  7. wow wonder what a plane wreak looks like after two years, creepy stuff.

  8. Gosh, I'd hate to have to deal with insurance living in UK, I thought it was bad enough as it was.

    P.S. You got the url in your post wrong, I'm sure you meant "" right?

  9. Welcome back! I was away for sometime but now im back. Also made a new blog u might wanna check out =)

  10. People simply ask too much for insurance